Grandkids Educated and Motivated is a scholarship fund program that is committed to
nurturing, guiding and providing financial support to the educational goals of grandchildren
being raised by their grandparent/s.  Currently, scholarships are awarded annually for up
to two applicants per year.  Award amounts are up to $500.00 each.  Scholarships will
increase as funding is established.

Who is eligible to apply:

Grandkids Educated and Motivated (GEM) Success  accepts students of any race,
color, nationality and ethnic origin, religion, and gender to all the rights, privileges,
programs, and activities generally accorded or made available by GEM.

What are requirements:
  Students in grades 11 through Senior in college
  Student raised by Grandparent (proof of guardianship or adoption required)
  Proof of acceptance into an accredited education institution
  Applicants must submit a completed application (mail or online)
  Provide proof of grandparent as guardian/parent (two years or more)?

Grandkids Educated and Motivated (GEM) to Succeed
  Student must be raised by grandparent/s for at least two years.
  Must be a graduating High School Senior or Post Secondary student
  Must have a minimum 2.5 GPA
  Submit a 500 word essay: What influence has your grandparent/s had on your
  Proof of grandparent guardianship/adoption
  Completed Application
  Most recent transcript
  Official copy class schedule or proof of registration
*For graduating High School Seniors proof of acceptance i.e. acceptance letter  from accredited post secondary institution.